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[Image: Insurgency1.jpg]
©®by |вlind|»Ŧ(ř)i℮ת₫»™
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und hier endlich der langersehnte LINK

hier auch noch einer, im moment muss man überall min 1 h warten, biss man loaden kann. In der ersten stunde nach dem release bereits 6000 Downloads.
hier ist noch einer

Es soll auch bald einen torrent geben.

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[Image: out.php?c=1964409&l=versus_60&r=1328043332]
posted by Viper at INS-News-Forum
Quote:First of all we want to thank everybody for their great support and dedication to our mod over the past 2 days and on behalf of all the developers and especially Pongles and Jeremy I can only say that we have just started and a lot of cool things are about to come.

Right now we are working on the first patch that will take care of the following things:

Release 1.0a Changelist
--- code only
* ADDED: command "tkremove" and "tkdetect"
* CHANGED: alltalk is defaulted to "0"
* FIXED: attacking with grenades while sprinting
* FIXED: RPG playing the wrong draw animation when not loaded
* FIXED: the client crash XYZ ^
* FIXED: the server crash XYZ ^
* FIXED: flashpoint and spraypaint in spectator is now disabled
* FIXED: can not longer cook smoke grenades
* FIXED: reloading the M249
* FIXED: small problem for people that do not have SSE support on their CPU
* FIXED: strange behaviour in shotgun reload
-- others
* FIXED: Lots of FPS Improvements

Our team is working hard on finishing this first patch and we should be back with you very soon after testing and making sure things work the way they should be.

Ich freu mich auf die (hoffentlich) mehr FPS.
©®by |вlind|»Ŧ(ř)i℮ת₫»™
[Image: out.php?c=1964409&l=versus_60&r=1328043332]

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